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Monday, February 16, 2009

It s been a few days so its time to catch up on the craziness . Sunday night they blew the whole picture up when they ley Edge have another shot at a belt when he took Kofi Kingston out and barricaded himself in Kofi's pod. This was after Jeff Hardy eliminated him out of the WWE Chamber match that started the PPV. I know that the word creative is a term that is thrown out there in this buisness like it is supose to mean somthing but take a look at the past few months at the decsions that have been made and you have to wonder

Starting off with the some what lame push they were giving Jeff Hardy . We all are well informed as to Jeff Hardy's problems and yet over the past year who gets the biggest pop comming down the ramp, Jeff Hardy. who leads in all of the onnline polls as far as Wrestler of the year, Jeff Hardy. I know that making somone like Jeff the outfront face is a risk but in a risky buisnes it's kinda a Mute point . Sell what you can sell.

Then you have his older brother Matt and his run in ECW. Matt did what he needed to do for the ECW belt and defended it well. The mistake that was made was that if they were going to do this they should've had them both on the same show at the last draft. They ruined a lot of flexibillity on the creative end of the Buisness and confuse a lot of your fan base. And while we are on the subject of the fan base, let us know turn to the yearly ritual of Playboy magazine.
This is where the new "PG" rating runs head long into the loyal fan base of the WWE. If the reason they are pulling the plug on the Diva issue is because the want toclean up their image to sell a few more toysthen what does that say to their core demographic. might as well just snip them off as far as they go. Com'on Vince, there are just some bells you cant unring and it wastes time trying.
One thing was a sight for sore eyes monday night, It great to see HBK back to his usual self throwing it all back in JBL's face. They even made a match with each other to see who will take on the deadman and his Wrestle Mania Winning streak.