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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"my WWE Network TV"

There has been a lot of chatter on the web about My Network retooling and it brought up somthing i had written about months ago. Vince had stated when they retooled WWE 24-7 that he wished he had his own TV Channel. Ambitious yes , but not beyond the realm of possibillities .
Well it turns out that Smack Down is the only positive right now for My Network TV and since News Corp imediate plans are to show House and Law and Order reruns on it, why wouldn't an organization such as The WWE, who is trying to branch out into film production , start talking to fox about a more active role in programing MyTV Network. To begin with, the tape library that the WWE controls could at the very least cover a couple of hours a week. Add to that, instead of first run films or straight to DVD releases, why not some made for TV movies that you retain the DVD rights to the "Urated versions of the same shows. Vince got that star on the walk of fame because of TV and he should keep that in mind when pursuing his conquests. You have stunning women and smart athletic men at your disposal , if you cant make some movies or a TV series out of that then you should hang the studio up.