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Sunday, February 8, 2009

The State of Tag Team Wrestling in the WWE

I have brought this subject up up in my other blogs and so i thought id expand upon it here . for a company that built it self up through highly skilled tag teams in the eighties , it has all but abandoned it in this new century with two headlining teams and only one or two others that provide the competion for them.
Starting out with the Slammy award winning , and world tag team champs , The Miz and John Morrison. These two are the Ubber Heel Team who have already had a long run with the WWE belts and along with their popular " Dirt Sheet " show put them at the top of the heap. The problem is they dont have any teams other then Cryme Tyme to put on a good show for the crowd and more important , the people at home. the competion level has gotten so bad that they have had the raw Champs going up against the Smack Down Champs. Which brings us to the Colon Brothers.
Sons of the legendary puerto rican wrestler Carlos Colon, the eldest son Carlito was in hot waater for awhile because of the way he was being used. There was some speculation that he may have even had one foot out the door but bringing in his younger brother and pairing the two together gave a big shot in the arm to his career . The two work seamlessly together and putting the Bella twins with them as eye candy couldnt hurt. But there is that same problem, who can really challenge them. Jesse and festus work well together but the bell gimmick has got to go. I had a thought that if Festus got hit in the head with the bell,it would keep him on and then he rampage back stage and they could work an angle where he kdnaps the twins for him and Jesse. Just a thought,gotta work better then nothing.
Back on Raw, Kofi and Rey look good. both have been tag champs before and they have given the MIz and Morrison good fights already. And with the back and forth that Rey has had with Kane and Mike Knox, they already have built in feud. speaking of which, last week was the debut of Kane and Knox and they worked surprising ly well together.
All i really mean is they need more wrestling and less talking on TV, they can't rely on Vince's appearances to prop up the ratings.