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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Top Secret

Over the past few weeks , the net has been all over the map about whats going to happen at wrestle Mania 25. Its gone from Mickey Rourke an Jericho, to hogan And Jericho, to cena and Hogan , to the ultimate wet dream for Vince , Hogan vs Stone Cold Steve Austin. I think they are so paranoid since the "leak" of Christian comming back and being the one that has been causing all the grief to Jeff hardy that they are going flood the net with as much disinformation to thawart all but the internet geeks that are on their payroll.
Its Pretty clear that Rourke isn't getting in the ring with anyone but it doen't rule him out of being involved in this storyline since he was the one that fired the first shot a couple of months ago. With Jericho running into every HOF inductee and legend of the WWE, they are working towards somthing. With Hogans name being thrown around , he has to be there but in what capacity . Hogan and Vince are barely on speaking terms with the CCW show that twisted Vince's thong in a knot . But Vince knows what Hogans Presence means as far as WM25 means a great deal to the bottom line. So how does this all play out , does Vince want to give Hogan A podium to sell what ever he and Bischoff are cooking up with CMT. I have a hard time thinking that Vince is that short sided. When you take into account TNA, ROH is just signed to a fledgling cable network that is owned by Mark Cuban, Vince doesn't need to get into a Pissing Contest with any wildcards.