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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Diva night in the land of exterme

ECW last night was interesting last night . chasing around Hornswoggle , Christian losing yet again , Teddy Longs outfit. but the most interesting thing to come out of last night's show was the new girl, Alicia Fox going to Teddy and comming up with an all Diva's show next week. Teddy said yes so it's a go.
this is on the one hand potentialy a really dumb idea , but if you think about it for a minute , could be the prelude to taking the company in an entirely new TV direction. its no secret that ECW is not a huge ratings sucess. It pulls in good enough numbers to satisfy the Sci Fi network, but they are going to be revamping into somthing new and there is already talk that if My TV network fails that smack down might end up on there too. If the thought is to finally lay to rest the spirit of the land of Extreme and come up with a all Diva show . if its done right it could be big. the problem I see is the fact that their whole creative approach to the womans division .
Take a look at Smack Down as an Example . the top two Diva's on SD are two heels that could be twins sisters. Maryse and Michelle McCool are mirror images of each other and while they are pleasing t the eye, the feud just isn't working . the problem with the whole thing is they dont have the women divided up between the two shows equally so why not put them all on one show.