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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Dixie vs Vince

One of the more interesting things I have read in a while poped up on the net last Week. Vince was interviewed by some website and when the subject of TNA came up . Vince used the word reprehensable as far as some of TNA's programming goes and that prompted a response from Miss Dixie. do not have the quoates on me but the bottom line is that for a company to say another company in the same buisness was doing somthing reprehensable, need to not be casting the first stone at the other company. the PG company calling the TV-14 company reprehensible when over the three weeks you have had an assautl of a sixty year old man , Home invasion,and a man drilling a woman's head into the mat while her beaten husband is handcuffed just out of reach of heris a little bit Bull sh#%. I knew that thisPG thing was going to be a problem. The WWE didnt get to where they are by cowtowing to network suits on marginal cable channels . they got to where they are by having the Stones to dictate what was going on the air. I have said this before and Ill say it again , My Network is somthing that Fox is doing and unless they are wanting another station to show House and Law and Order Reruns , maybye they need to work with the WWE to programm the Network . Instead of doing feature movies and direct to DVD one's why not take some time and devolp a mini series or a TV seriesthat you can still release on DVD. I always Harkin back to the day that Vince got his star on the Hollywood walk of Fame. Vince got that star for TV, Live TV to be exact. he has juice with pretty much withviacom,fox , and to a certain extent NBC. you should be working with more TV people if you want crack the Hollywood scence. With all the problems vince is having with his creative staff maybye it means that he has to take a step back and let things play out.