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Thursday, March 5, 2009

“ The ECW show is in the books and while it was a better then average show , I still think the time is right for something new. The ECW TV Championship belt was a big part of the old ECW and right now there is an chance to bring it back to the front. As I have said in the past , there is a need for another trophy in ECW and if you take the cruiserweights and some X division castoffs from TNA, you might have a setting for some good TV matches.
I cannot indorse Eric Young on his own but, Eric Young, Petey Williams , and Sonjay Dutt, all competing for a belt that was once held by Rob Van Dam for over Two years . This creates a title that is highly coveted and will attract a lot of interest .
Broke one of my rules and took a look at the spoilers for this Friday. The shtick for the Hardy vs. Hardy feud is taking a some what creepy turn . Apparently Matt has admitted to everything and showed up in the ring with the collar from Jeff’s dog that died in the fire at Jeff’s house in Cameron . So not only did Matt knock Jeff out on the stairs, but he ran Jeff off the road , set fire to his house and burned it to the ground , tried to set fire to Jeff with the pyro accident , and ultimately was the one that killed Jeff’s Dog. If there isn’t a country song in all of that, there ought to be. Why not go the whole nine and say that Matt caused Jeff to fail his second Drug test. They are digging a huge hole with this program that one of the brothers wont get out of.
It still bares repeating that the job that Jericho has been doing since his return has been incredible. The latest promo had Him dusting off the old Piper’s Pit Set to stroll down memory lane with the Super Fly Jimmy Snuka . The end game was the same with Snuka taking a beating . The latest chatter is that the legend that will face Jericho at WM25 will be none other then Hulk Hogan, at least that’s what he is trying to have everyone think. Hogan is going out of his way to drop hints all over cyber space that he has a big roll in WM25 but the way the disinformation and general smoke screen BS has been coming out, who the hell knows what’s going on. What is known is Cena at this point doesn’t have a WM25 match yet and the way they are going , something has to give for him to have one. A three way with Edge , The Big Show, and Cena doesn’t seem to be a really good Idea in the long run. And considering the fact that Cena is about to get married , I cant help but think that this might be a way of pushing Cena to the side so he can have a decent start to his marriage before realality starts to set in.
And finally we get to the Divas. I’m usually down on the Divas most of the time but I have kept an eye on this one since she left Smack Down as Vicki’s wedding planner and ended up on ECW with an up ‘n coming talent named DJ Gabriel as his dance partner. The truth of the matter is Alicia Fox has some serious skills that need to be honed and moved to another show. This girl is one of the most athletically gifted Diva’s that have come down the pipe in a while. She has mad skills and needs to be put with an experienced trainer to see how good she can be. Given the boring trends on Smack Down with the top two contenders for the Diva Belt looking like twin sisters, the trend needs some color to it.
Well lets just say its time to go.