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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mankind's Abyss

after enduring the Ultimate X PPV ths past sunday , I revisited some notes on my thoughts about Mick Foley and his last days of WWE. my thoughts where since Abyss was doing Mankind 2.0, the best thing for Foley to get in to right off the bat when he got to TNA was to at least on TV Mentor Abyss. I mean lets face facts, if Foley had the body of Abyss , he'd still be working in the ring full time

please let me say that i am a huge Mick Foley fan from the days of Cactus Jack in the WCW and while i understand that there is an those days are long gone . the fact is that abyss has gotten to where he is by being the human cartoon that he is is obivous so why not have a program with Foley. you could have it the announcer girl in the back who's name escapes me at the momment , who is kinda Abysses Fay Ray is you know what I mean, aproach Foley about helping Abyss channel his dark side and focus his anger where it should be . if you want stetch it out you could have Abyss develop some alternate personalities. I could see one of them as prince justice, his name when he was still training in the NWF up in my neck of the woods. TNA was using the Prince Justice Leauge to push all the masked wrestlers they had a few months ago.
what would really chap Vinces A##is if TNA could come up with a Hippy dud love type charactor for Abyss to do. Maybye have him come out like a heavy metal head banger type and call him Roadye Blac. maybye have some girl plants in the crowd jump the barrier and attack him like groupies and tear his shrt off.