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Monday, March 2, 2009

Pre Raw Rants

Its now being reported that the weather in boston shouldnt be a problem. there were some house shows for both Smack Down and Raw in up state New York that ended early enough to where the crews could get packed up and head to Boston before the storm hit. Most all of the talent was told to head directly to the Gardens so every one should be there on time and ready to go.

Micheal Hayes his been getting a lot of grief lately for the Smack Down Ratings on My Netwwork TV. while the numbers have been record breaking for them , it is still behind what they where on the CW last year. I keep sayin , with the tape libary the have and the fact that they would kill to have control of their own station, it just makes sense that Fox let them have control if they are willing to assume a certain amount of risk of My TV. they could move 24 7 to regular TV, maybye ressurect somthing like the old Confidintial show they use to do. And maybe develope some made for