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Monday, March 23, 2009


well just when you think it cant get any worse it does , they are goiing through with the legends gauntlet match as flair came out to accept the challenge for the other three. of course Jericho interrupted him and just as he layed out pretty much what was probably going to happen and then beat him down , stripped him down , and in what i thought was a nice touch, took Flair's Rolex and stomped on it. this is the dumbest thing i have seen come down the pipe in a long time. Snuka and Piper have no buisness in a ring under any circumstance . I had a thought that if this is plan B, Kevin Von Erich has got to be in some sort shape, Im sure he is training some young up and commers down in texas . since it is in texas why not put the Von Erich curse to rest and have a Von Erich in a match at Wrestle Mania for the first time in a long time. I dont know what kinda shape Steamboat is in but he hasnt been in a ring in fifteen yearsso there has to be some rust there. Another Texan who could do okay is the American Dream Dusty Rhodes.
anything but this. your going to waste all the good work Jericho has done by putting on this steamming pile of crap out as a main event.
Jeff Hardy dropped by face painted to the max, warming up his extreme rules chops for the second match in a row. he made quick work of dolph Ziggler . one of the craziest things about this whole Hardy vs Hardy thing is they went all of the trouble put this story out there and then they had to chop up the segment between the two so it didnt look to much like Matt actually burned down his brothers house . on the dumbness scale the whole way they are handling the Hardys in general and Jeff in particular is ridiculas. No one on the roster gets more pop from the crowd comming down the ramp then Jeff. his down side is well known but come on people, this man has risk his very life at times and the best they could come up is Matt..
there was a very spirited match with all of the Money in the bank guys. Christian ended up pinning Benjaman and then Finlay cleared the ring with a ladder. Finlay I can take in the MITB because I have a soft spot for him going back to the Junk yard match days in WCW with Regal. but what I really cant see is that 400 plus pound Mark Henry trying to climb a ladder under any circumstances. Henry has no buisness in this match and his presence is at best an roadblock for every one else and at worst a danger to them.