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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sorry I cut myself off yesterday . Still not use to this new blog format . Last night was pretty good but they really didn't solve anything we didnt already know was comming. we knew that HBK was going to take on the Undertaker , and we also know that HHH and Orton will renew their hatred for one and other , and we know that CMPunk , Kane , and Mark Henry have all qualified for Money in the bank. And we know that Melina and Beth Phoneix will square off in a rematch for the woman's title. What we dont know is whats the deal with Jericho and who is Cena oing to fight.With all the shifting around of titles and wrestlers, it seems to have made John Cena the Odd man out as far as the title picture goes . Last night Cena got the win when edge via DQ but oddly enough , interim GM Vicki made the BIG show the Number one contender . So as of last night , Cena doesnt have any real prospects for a main event match at WM25. This is going on while Jericho is doing his very worst to any and all HOF's they can stick in front of him. The Promo last night with the " Super Fly " was particularly effective with the Pipers Pit set being out there crashing down on top of him. Jericho has been far and away the best Heel in the Biz this year and he is going out of his way to make these ppromo's work going even so far as to tell HOFer Roddy Piper to tone down the comic end to give it a more ominous tone. further proof that if you give a main event guy the latitude to creat his own program he want disapoint you. but who is Jericho going to wrestle, Mickey Rourke, Hulk Hogan , Stone Cold Steve austin, where is this leading . I have to think that Cena will be a part of this whole scenario in some way shape or form.Last but not least, any one that has read my stuff here or on knows that I like to talk about the Diva's . I have said in previous posts that if the Playboy thing is off the table because of the PG thing then that would expose the WWE. Well low and behold, so cal Val has put out a statment saying that the TNA Knockouts should activly g after playboy and having some of the knockouts pose for layouts in the magizine. I would tell them Hell yeah, any chance they get to twist Vince's thong in a knot, go for it. especially when the CEO of TNA Dixie Carter released a statment about how diveresified her audiance is. WWE take notice, kids are not the bulk of your audiance . the people that consume your product are not children , they are teenagers , young adults , and in general, people who need a little escape in their life. Think about that for awhile.
One more thing on the Diva's , Just finished watching ECW, Alicia Foxis a woman with a great deal of athletic skill that is being wasted on ECW and they need to find her a trainer and move her to Smack Down Soon. If it makes them redo DJ Gabreial,so be it.