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Saturday, April 4, 2009

24 hours to go

with a little over twenty four to go . the final card has been put out.I thought I'd put down some random thoughts on the matches and what might happen , and what should happen . this is not shaping up to be a great PPV, let alone the silver aniversary of Wrestle Mania.
starting with what is rumoured to be the opener, JBL swan song as far as PPV matches go will be to defend the IC belt against Rey mysterio . with Rey it will always be entertaining but what is bugging me about this is the "historic" thing that JBL is supose to do. the way things have been going ,I put little stock in whatever they might have planned. with an announcer spot openthe conventional wisdom is that JBL will take that spot but i have heard that he might ressurect the WCW Brand, might take some sort of GM post on one of the three shows. but i had a thought . what if he was to stagesome sort of corperate Take over of WWE and go back and forth with Vince and the rest of the Family. in any case Rey wins this by DQ , doesnt get the belt which will pave the way for him to go back to Smack Down.
the tag team lumberjack match will be next . the colon brothers face off with the Miz and Morrison to unifie the belts. really looking forward to this one for about a month now. these are the two best teams the WWE has in a weak tag team division and they have been going back and forth for awile now . the sad part is when a company that has built itself to the scope that it iswith teams like the British Bulldogs, wild samoans , mounties , LOD, Demolition , Steiner Brothers , etc etc. has neglected the tag teams so much that it has come down to these two teams. the colon brothers dont have a prayer, Miz and Morrison are two good at what they do. the only way this works is if they are going to keep this feud going. look for one or both of the Bella twins to get involved.Miz And Morrison are the unified taqg team champions of the world.
Miss Wrestle Mania 25 Diva Battle Royal. boy thats a mouthful. Diva's past and present will be in the ring competing for the crown and i have no Idea what is going to happen here. the way Santino has been acting , the way i would have it end is he some how gets into the match and he is the last one but there's one more left . then mae young comes out and shoves santino out.
the most disapointing match builup of all has been Jericho and the legends match . I dont know what happened but you're left with two guys that have no buiness in the ring and one guy that has'nt been in the ring for a decade and a half. Mickey Rourke is going to be there at ringside but you don't know what his involvment is going to be. Jericho has wasted some really good Heel work on this and unless Steamboat is up to itthis one is going to suck bigtime. Kevin Von erich has to be in some kinda shape, imagine the response in Texas if a Von erich where to be in the ring .Jericho will lose this, but if he doesnt lose big whats the point.
Brother vs Brother is another one of these Ill concieved matches that might blow up in their face. this match was booked mainly on the fact it leaked that Christian was coming back. they should have went ahead with their origial plans and had christian be the one that was Causing Jeff all of his problems . having Matt walk around with the Collar of Jeffs dead dog is just creepy. Jeff will win this because this feud isnt going to last all that long.
MITB , speaking of Christian will be its usual violent Mess. Christian will win this and might be going after edge later on in the evening since Edge is taking some time off. Christian has a small window to prove to Vince that he is a Main event guy on his own. He has come in in the best shape of his life and hit the ground running in ECW, so good luck to him.
the streak match, HBK vs the UNdertaker is the one I'm loooking forward to. Micheals has been at his best over the past few weeks getting inside the Undertaker head. and those of you that think that the streak ends , think again. it serves no purpose to end the streak now. HBK is going to retire soon and if you have him end the streak and then retire, you dont have the streak anymore as a selling point for Wrestle Mania in the future. Undertaker wins thisin the match of the night.
the triple threat match, the obivious choice is Cena and since Edge is taking some time off but Cena is about to start a new movie so I got to go with the Big Show for this one. He wins , gets Vicki and takes over smack Down.
and last but not least, HHH vs Orton. it seems to me that they wouldnt have pushed Orton so hard if he wasnt going to win. plus I have a feeling that HHH is going back to Raw any way. remember what happens sunday will directly effect how the draft goes on monday.