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Monday, April 13, 2009

Draft Segment 4

Orton bitches Vicki into changes the rules for next week saying that whoever in legacy pins will have to face legacy in a three on one match next Monday. Cena And jack swagger cut a promo about their match tonight for two picks. I still think that Swagger looks like Biff from the back to the future movies, and I dont know why he is getting this push that he's getting. Raw vs Smack Down in a Smack Down in a Six diva match with Blond and blonder with The Anvillette taking on Mick Malina , and Kelly . Michelle Mccool Knocks out Mickie comming off the rope for the three count . and the Smack Down Pick is Melina comming to friday nights with her belt. does this mean that Maryse will be coming to Raw. so far this hasnt been that earth shaking.