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Monday, April 13, 2009

Draft Segment 6

Swagger Vs Cena for two picks . I hope Cena really hurts this guy. if Swagger does winit wont be clean. why they think that this is going to draw any interest is beyond me. Swagger just doesnt do anything for me . he hasnt incorperated his technical style in a pro ring yet and looks like a lumbering Jobber at times .
he isnt that good on the mic and i just think that he needs some ring Psych lessons.
the thing is , wrestling someone like Cena who is at times slower then Swagger , is going to make Swagger look better then someone like Finly , who is a much better wrestler then Cena is. Getting left off Wrestle Mania may have put a chip on his shoulder. Cena caught him in the air and put him away. the picks are Matt Hardy and Triple H are Raw bound. oddly enough Edge did a run in on Cena, HINT HINT.