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Monday, April 13, 2009

the Draft segment 7

Well we are about half way through this mess and the most earth shaking thing I have seen is Matt Hardy Going to Raw. it s obvious that they are pumping up Raw because of the whole my TV network thing. if Smack Down loses its Network there will be bidding war to get it . WGN is in the mix along with the "sy Fy" network. but i still say that you cant tell me that Vince doesnt have enough Juice to go to Fox and say give me the net work for a year and let me and my six hours of TV programing , my Weekend House shows , and my vast Tape libary see what I can do. By the way Kalhi sguashed Santino and CMPunk is headed to Smack Down. Pay attention to the Main event. with two belts on raw somthing might happen involving the briefcase tonight. The Miz and kofi had a good match that ended really cool. Morrison got the Miz DQed and the next Pick for Raw was the Mizwho then turned on Morrison and left him in the ring .