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Monday, April 13, 2009

The Draft segment one

Running highlights from last week with Orton and Vince. my guess is to fill time. The Irony is the run short on sunday when they have four hours and almost run long and they got to show cuts from last week to pad tonight.
well they are going to have interbrand matches and the winners have the picks . Batista's music plays as he comes out to some very big pop. I hope they aren't rushing him back to soon like they did edge. well he's got a mic in his hand so this is just more filler.He says that the one thing that drove him was retrbution against Orton for punting him in the head . he is calling him out now and saying that he is going to tear the buiding . Shane comes out and wants Orton tooand then HHHcomes out to try and talk the other two down . all of a sudden the shrill words "excuse Me " rang out and the new GM Vicki made a match pitting the three of them against pricless without Orton. whoever scores the Pin on HHH's team gets orton next week one on one next monday.