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Sunday, April 19, 2009

TNA report

All of the vidso packages have run and its down to the nitty gritty.first up is the X division .Lethal, Consrquences Creed, Kiyoshi, Sheik Abdul Bashir, and suicide will go at it until there are only two left . then the winner will be the one to get out of the cage first.the unique part of this is that this is Kaz's first in ring work since his injury. he had doned the suicide mask and will be wrestling for the first time in months . Creed pinned the Kiyoshi for the first elinination.Bashir DDTs Creed for the second elimination.with the partners all gone and everyone is on a level playing field now.the sheik was playing possum and picked suicides pocket to pin Lethal. the quest to get out of the cage starts and culminates at the top of the cage with the Sheik getting chopped back inside and suicide leaping off the top taking out security team that was trying to get Kiyoshi down.
Queen of the cage is up next , Madison Ranye , So Jo Bolt, Daffney , and odb. This one is nothing special with ODB getting over on most everyone. I think that this one is just a filler . ODB and the dude with the Mullet , Cody Deener , throwwing stuff from her flask in every ones face to get the win.
Three team Tornado match has LAX, No limit , and the Motor city machine guns all go after the new Japan Jr tag team belts . with LAX has the cases still so i dont see them winning this . the Japense team might win to take the belts back home. MCMG are detined for bigger things then some Juinor Title from the far east . Hernandez is one amazing athlete as he plows threw the guns. Hernadesz and Homicide got foiled on a 187 and the guns hit the Made in Detroit for the win.
Abyss cuts a Promo for his match back stage . I cant help but wonder with Foley's Ongoing melt down, and Stevie Richards as Abyss's Therapist , somwhere down the line we might see Cactus Jack and Abyss have a big program together. Abyss and Matt Morgan have a chamber of blood match . The blue print draws first bloood and then gets a bag of broken glass and tries to shove his face in it. Abyss finally draws some Blood and when stevie Richards comes and argues with the monster , Morgan takes advantage and pinns Abyss .
For the Knockout belt ,Kong, Taylor Wilde , and angelina Love, go at it in a three way i which no one really wants to work with . Kong did somthing she probably regrets , a sommersault spash off the top rope that missed . Kongs Hair got tied into the cage by Velvet sky and Love is the new Knockout Champion.
3D comes out to huge pop in and didnt dis appoint. violence threw out the arena just like the good old days.Tables CHair Blood , Heyman would have proud. rood gets the death drop through the table 123. 3d wins. Vince Take a lesson on Tag teams here. you can have tag team matches on PPV's
I have to say that this show is much better then the last PPV from TNA . I find it funny that they keep getting grieffor their content and all they keep doing is record ratings.
the first main event is up know and Angle starts things out against The Fallen Angel. Back from purgatory Daniels was the last memeber of the team Jarret . Its Angle and Booker vs AJ and Daniels right now. Next in the ring is steiner. Steiner doent look all that healthy these days. Next up for Jarret is the Nation of violence leader Samoa Joe who wa sdelayed in the back talking to someone in the shadows.Joe and Nash got in a minute apart and when Jarret was the last the roof witht the weapons gets lowereed , Jeff Jarret is sandbagging the MEM all night and ended up taking out angle and winning the leathal Lockdown . the big shock was who came out on the ramp after the match was over. The Arena went dark and the sound of a high performance engine rang out and out stepped Budding MMA star ands former ECW Champ Bobby Lashley.
the Main event is here. a match between two of the most legendary stars of the last quarter century. The Icon who was the only fish that the evil empire landed vs the Hard Core Legend that has left parts of his body in arena's all overthe globe Mick Foley. before we go any futher, I thought Vince owned the name Cactus Jack. if he doesnt he is probably regeting that one. Foley put a new stipulation in this . the door is Chained shut. this means that its Pin or climb out of the cage. He tried to get out but it comes down to who can mame each other the worst. OMG Foley beat Sting out of the cage to be the New TNA Champ