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Saturday, April 18, 2009

,well the draft is came and gone and with there were no earth shaking choices,womans belts swapped shows , IC and US belts ditto . the only thing that hasnt been resolved yet is the fact that there are two world championship belts on one show. Both Cena and HHH are offically on Raw and both of them hold a world championship belt . so the big guestion comming up before back lash is how do we get one of the big belts back down to Smack Down . Enter Mister Money in the Bank CM Punk.
i dont think that it is as much as how they are going to do it as when their going to do it . It's obvious CM Punk is going to be the one to bring a belt to Smack Down but when and which one. He's been making strange eyes at Cena since he won MITB but by the same token Its always been about settleling scores with the WWE. While Punk and HHH arent really involved in anything , Punk still owes Orton for Losing the belt back in the summer in the first place. either Orton wins next week and then Punk comes down and takes the belt or it happens at Backlash. keep in mine that next monday's bout with HHH and Orton Is now No DQ.
Another minor question that rose from the draft is with the Miz and John Morrison going their seperate ways , what happens to the popular show " The Dirt Sheet" . according to sources on the net, they will either have a match to see who gets it, do an ocasional one ,or and I quote " let itdie witha certain amount of Dignity" if that wasnt one of the bigger Oxymoron that the WWE has put out in a while. Look their not going to let two of their best talkers not have some way to sell themselves . The Dirt Sheet is one of the most popular segments on WWE .com and to let it die woulnt make any sense at all.