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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Wrestle Mania 25

Well all I got to say is WTF. I new when CM punk won the MITB match that led off the show that we the fans where in for a long night. right off the bat, why did the tag match get pushed back to being a dark match.Given the push t5hat the colons and Miz and Morrison where getting over the past month on TV, i thought for sure that this one would lead off the show, especially since old man Colon was there. I was looking forward to seeing this one and was very disappointed when I didnt get to.
The big Buzz at BW3's was is the streak going to end tonight.there was quite a few people that thought HBK was going to pull it off. but I just couldnt see it. There is no advantage to killing the streak know when the undertaker will more then likley work longer then shawn will. although based on last nights match that might not happen either. the two most senior members of the company put on the match of the year and probably one of the best matches in WM history. its a good bet you wont see either of them for a very long time . I would ask one question , did Cena and HHH and Orton really want to have to follow that match. I think not.
Both Championship matches layed huge shiney eggs last night, further reenforcing the therory I have that everthing is going to get pulled apart next week anyway.HHH is probably goig back to Raw, and I have a feeling that Cena will be going to Smack Down . They obviously arent thrilled with their new ECW Champ or they would have given him a match last night. Punk isnt feuding with anyone and hasnt been getting any sort of pushso the case wont come into play for awhile. unless Orton Exercises the dreaded rematch clauss tonnight, goes after HHH and then punk comes along to pick up the scraps leftover.
The Historic JBL thing was a huge bust when he got beat buy Rey with a mask on that made him look like the love child of the Joker and Saw. Rey needs a title and Im glad they gave him on. but twenty seconds, wtf.
The Diva Battle Royal wasa ridiculas beyond reason. Santino is funny and all but at a time when TNA Knockouts are floundering , the best you can do on the biggest show of the year is a tatooed guy in drag winning and all woman Battle royal. Save us Gail Kim.
Its abundently clear that this whole show fell apart months before it was supose to happen. Starting with Rourke backing out of a match because his people told him it would kill his comeback. Then we had the suposed leak that Christian was coming back and was the one that was trying to mame Jeff Hardy. Add in Vines Paranioa , Losing Foley to Tna and the dreaded PG rating and you get the Wrestle Mania you got last night. You guys can do a lot better.