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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mister Kennedy.....Kennedy

Well its been an interesting few days. the ex school teacher may be in trouble for waving his junk around the internet. The competion is collecting some fairly big names like they are getting ready to make a big move soon. and now , a guy that they invested a lot of time in, gave a movie part to, and then shoved him into a raw main event with nine other wrestlers and expect him not to work at least a little stiff, well thats just plain dumb. If anybody thinks that Orton didnt have anything to do with what happened to Kennedywell let me just point out a few things.
Athletic prowess you of course would have to give to Orton , although its closer then a lot of people think. In ring abillity , its still Orton but again if you take into account Kennedy's performance in the MIBLM the year he was in it you cant say that he 's some jobber thats in over his head. Injury proneness well this is Kennedy's weak point . He has been out for a long time with the shoulder thing and as some one who has had his own shoulder issues when it comes to wrestling I can relate that its a hard thing to work through. but let us take a look at Mister Ortons shoulder issues. which is probably related to the collarbone issues he has had also. and let us not forget the fact that he cant really still document this suposed motorcycle accident he had last year. If you mesured the injury time off Orton has had vs Kennedy I dont think it would be that much difference. lets face it Kennedy was the next in line if he could stay Healthy . And know we get to the mic skills
Orton has been around the buisness all his life , he has seen at least two to three generations of how things work and yet on the mic he is still lame . when some of his best work is saying that he has a disorder that has the same initals as the bombs that are blowing our soldiers in Iraq, there's a problem. Kennedy on the other hand was great on the Mic from day one. having the old style mike come down when he is in ring is one of the best Gimmicks Ive seen in a long time. Kennedy was is and always will be far superior to Orton on the Mic, you cant get past that. so why let him go.
Well according to the Kennedy web site , his is health is fine and he is looking forward to his future in the buisness . I saw the suposed botched segment and if Orton's shoulder and collar bone cant take a Simple Belly to back suplex then maybye he shouldnt be Heel Number one and taking all those chances.