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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Random thoughts from the Net

Starting out on a sour note I didnt relize until I saw it posted , its the tenth Aniverary of the tragic death of Owen hart. Yhe youngest of twelve Hart children tragically fell to his death at a "Over the Edge"PPV" . He fell some seventy feet when his harness failed during a stunt for the show. he will be missed for years to come.
at a fairly recent WWE creative meeting , it was thrown out there that may be Cena should turn Heel. this was shot down by Vince citing Merchandising sales as one of the key reasons.To this I have only Three words for you, NWO. How quickly we forget the history of the Monday night wars. Eric Bischoff's one great move that nearly toppled the Evil Empire was to take their own creation and turn him into the worst sort of heel the Buiness had seen in quite a long time. I know that turning Cena Heel would be tricky , but even they have seen some of the half and half responses he gets from crowds other then the greater boston area. the trick would be to put him in such a desperate situation that he had to make alliances to carry out some sort of agenda that only he knows about , it could be done , they or rather Vince just doent want to risk things and there in lies the problem. the only time they ever want to take a chance is when their backs are against the wall. Believe you me when I say, Cena is not as popular as they think he is.
Of course I would be remiss if I didnt bring up the PR Bonanza that fell into the WWE's lap this past week when it was discovered that the date they had for Raw in Denver on the 25th of this month just happened to be the same night of game 4 of the NBA western conference finals. the particulars are, WWE booked the date this past august but the contracts where not signed until last month. so in that time frame , no one in the Denver Nugget Organization , the NBA, Or the owner's inner circle saw this conflict and tried to resovoled . If any one doesnt think that Vince is going to beat this horse until it drops dead at the finish line , they havent been paying attention.And the real funny part is , Vinces is in the right.
The Hart Trilogy has Finally reared its head the past couple of weeks on ECW and for the most part the reveiews have been good . The only problem I see right is Natalya doesnt really have any one to wrestle so her in ring talent is wasted . I have a solution for this. there is a former TNA Knockout is floating around in the land of Indies with nothing much to do who would be a very good fit for ECW. Roxxi, Roxxi Leveax, Nicki Roxx, is a highly trained in ring Performer who will one on one give Miss Anvil a good run in the ring. back a couple of years ago when the TNA Knockouts where riding high and the Divaswhere trying to get their share of attention, Pro Wrestling Illustrated at the end of one year ranked Roxxi as the seventh ranked womans wrestler in the world and that should count for somthing.