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Friday, June 5, 2009

How to turn Cena A Heel

Okay, I have had this in my head and Im just going to let it spill out on the screen and see whats what . the question for todays class is how do you turn a wrestling herointo a 1st class Heel. namely how do you Make John Cena the Bad guy. Ill pause for a momment to let everyones sphincter relax a bit.
lets face facts , the face of the company is gettng Stale . when the best thing you can offer is a submission match against a oponnent that in theroy he cant put a submission hold on. some thing has to be done . Idealy it would envolve a certain ex WWE Ichon that that has gone on to bigger and better things in the land of Hollywood . Cena has been not so subtly trying to get a rise out of said Ex WWE icon off and on for a few months and while actually getting him involved in wrestling again , having him and Cena Run into one another shpuldnt be all that hard to pull off.
now as a back drop to this whole storyline , you have Vince be in negotiations with a secret producer slash director to direct and produce a three picture Deal for WWE films. I would like it to be Stallone because of the name value and because I think striking a deal with someone like Sly could only help his Film division .
Any how , it gets leaked out that sly will only get involved if a certain Ex WWE Icon will read for the scirpt . Well vince wants Cena for the Movie but he said he would do what he could . you go back and forth with this theme for a bit until one night
At a PPV , you have both Cena And the Ex WWE icon at the same place for the annoucement on who gets the role in one of the biggest Movies to date by WWE films .
Stallone comes out and backs out of the deal. Cena clocks the Rock and Vince is put in the postion of being between the Rock and and Cena. Yes I finally said who it was for those of you that might have3 thought it was Hogan.
So Cena has last the Movie part , jumped the Rock and know is at adds with Vince. It would seem to me his Movie Career would be in trouble , he woul;d be in trouble for clocking the Rock, and he would also be on Vinces Shit list for screwing up a movie and getting it put on the shelf. With no real friends in the WWE I would think he is on his own for a while.
well there it is . I welcome any and alll feed I said its just spilled out on the screen so I know it isnt perfect, or for that matter fisable , but hey , I can dream cant I.