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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Raw Report :Lame Lame Lame

Any one who caught last nights "ground Breaking" Raw Show last night and thought it was any thng other then really lame needs to stop watching TV and read a book or somthing . the hook was that Donald Trump had bought the Raw brand and was going to have an entirely comerical free show with a main event beint a last man standing match between HHH and Orton. well KFC sure had some expensive buckets of their new grilled chicken strategically place all over the ring side. Next Cena came out mmodeling his latest ring gear looking like he was in an ad for John Deere. he was out to talk about his match with the big show but as usual , captain Awesome, the MIZ stuck his nose in and slaped Cena and ran like a girl.
the biggest crime of the night was a draw in a Last man standing match. HHH and Orton put on a brutal show up and down and all around the arena that surly pushed the boundry of the PG Rating and probably made KFC Nervous , only to have it end in a Draw. this was done in order to push a three stages of hell match that hasnt been booked in six years.
the final insult came when Trump was out talking about his plans for future shows when vince came out talking about how much it would cost. the up shot is vince buys raw back from trump at twice the price killing a bad storyline a week after they hatched it.
I hope that this is the end to hair brained ideas , and they can get back to booking matches and trying to tell a story.