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Monday, June 15, 2009

Three for all

Here we go, one of those not so rarites of cable TV, three hours of WWE Raw. for a company that at times has trouble filling two hours of TV somtimes , this one should be fun. The GM is up for grabs and Flair is their. Jeff Hardy has a Championship match on raw in his home state. Jericho opens up the show with a rematch against Rey Mysterio. I am still ticked about extreme rules and jericho taking the mask, there are just certain things you dont mess with. in typical fashion these two went after each other like there was no tomorrow . in the end jericho went for the mask and it distracted Rey long enough to hit a code breaker and win. So the game is psychological warfare with the mask, Jericho is going to try and break Rey mentelly .
it turns out that the big announcment isnt who the new GM is its who the new owner of Raw is . You heard me right kids , Vince just said he is selling Raw. My guess is he is selling it to flair . If Flair is the new owner of raw then who will be GM,HHH
Flair himself who knowa . Dreamer just pinned Christian to retain his ECW crown. no big surprise there.Dreamer is being used to Help the Hary Trilogy get over as Heels the tuesday show.
Time to play the game . I have know Idea who is going to win this and I dont know if I really care. any of these guys just cant cut it no more . the winner ended up being Orton and the loser ended up being the entire WWE universe when Vince comes out and lays this bullshit move on them , saying Donald Trump owns Raw now.
the guestion of GM hasnt been adress yet so im guessing that might be flair. I know he is there and they cant not use him.
well it turns outr they didnt use him , HHH won a battle royal and gerts a last man standing match next week on the commerical free raw. this trump thing isnt going to work and it might make things worse .