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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Booking a Punk , So long Jeff

It was a sad day this past friday , a day in which we saw the the steller run of Jeff Hardy come to a hopfully temporary halt . After one one of the best feuds to come down the pipe from any two WWE stars have had in a very long time came to an end this past friday, The Enigma walked away in a "Loser leaves the WWE " , The classics never go out of style. Im very sad because this combined with Rey being suspended means that for the near future , Smack Down is going to be short some talent. The Undertaker is back, but I dont see him working a full schedule . And with Rey Dropping the IC Belt , Ziggler is going to need someone one to have a feud with and that will more then likely be John Morrison. I see long rewrite meetings in Micheal Hayes's future.

One the subject of the Chicago Made Punk, If they are going to really push this Straight Edge Preachy lifestyle I had an Idea to give him an Achilles Heel of sorts and Maybe have the Dead Man Exploit it .

Punk is already developing a rep as a ladies man of sorts, having been linked to several Diva's , both past and present . Since Drugs or Alchol dont interest him, have the ladies be his weakness .

Have him seen back stage cozying up to different Divas and how it slowly begins to complicate his life . It's been reported that Lita has been seen backstage and there are rumours that she and Punk are involved . With Matt Hardy back on the show , you could have him in the mix .

you could also have the Undertaker sick his Girl friend Michelle McCool on Punk as a distraction of sorts. Now would be the time to stretch things out a bit with some back story.