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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

ECW report

Well , will wonders never cease . it seems that they are going to try and turn Shelton Benjamin face on ECW . this move , while i approve , this is about a year and a half to late. Shelton and I have said this time and time again needs to get released and go to work for the competition . he could be such a big star working for TNA and his talent has been wasted for so long in the WWE that it just doesnt make any sense to keep him around here. Imagine the team of Shelton and Bobby Lashley taking on the MEM and his former mentor Curt Angle.
Ezekiel Jackson and Vladimir Kozlov have been in this show me yours and I'll show you Mine contest for nearly a month without either of them laying a finger on the other . Know call me crazy but having these two bitch slapping Jobbers in front of each other does nothing to further a feud that will never be make it on to a PPV . they need to start mixing it up with each other and soon for this feud to have any traction at all.
The Celtic Warrior Shamus , one of the new guys up from FCW , is having a rematch with Goldust right now. Last week , Goldust did just enough to make the match interesting but the push for Shamus takes precedence over ever thing else. Poor Dustin , he just never got over the Hump for his entire career. And now he's in danger of being passed up by his younger brother .
Young Cody Hasn't passed him yet and wont until he can prove he can be a singles wrestler.until then he's just Ted Juiniors Partner .
With the extreme Rules main event coming up next, Dreamer cut the usual Promo and then Christian came walking from the back with a car door over his shoulder . Not to be out done after the break, Dreamer comes out pushing a hot dog cart. I just love choreographed violence . I really have to wonder how long they are going to keep Christian on ECW when he could be better used on one of the other shows . they are spending the majority of time out side of the ring and Dreamer just hit him with one of the condiment holders from the Hot dog cart.
after the break there is more of the same with the ring littered with weapons . The crowd is split fifty fifty as Dreamer reveress an Irish Whip and sends Christian into a trash can. And her comes the car door , Killswitch is engaged and Christian retains the ECW title.
the show itself wasn't much , but the Main event ruled. lets hope we get some more good matches like that.