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Monday, August 24, 2009

Post Summer slam

Well one night removed from Summer Slam and aside from the TLC match it was pretty much a Snooze fest with no big surprises . The Cena Orton match was just stupid, count outs ,DQ's and Orton still won. Tonight's Show starts out promising and ends up with a main event.
Vince starts out announcing Mayweather as the host and then DX came out and gave him his Birthday presents ,IE Big Dick Johnson in a Big Cake . but Legacy cut that short and now we have a six man Legacy VS DX and Vince in the Main event. Legacy apparently didn't get enough last night at Summer Slam.
they are waisting more time on this show then they have in a long time . it took them fifteen minutes to make a tag match and put MVP and Mark Henry in a match with Show and Jericho. they are starting to push the next all submission PPV by making matches for it . If Henry and MVP win they get a title shot at the PPV and Orton already has a rematch with Cena in a I quit match.
About last night , I'm sorry to see Jeff Hardy go. He's done the best work ever these past few months and its shame they cant keep him around on a limited basis . But he's leaving on his own terms which is good , and I seriously doubt the fact that he will stay out all that long. Matt will be talking in his ear and he will be back before you know it .
Back to the nonsense at hand. Mayweather slipped MVP the Brass Knuckles that he knocked the Big Show out with a year and a half ago and knocked out Jericho with them. MVP and Mark Henry get a Title shot at the PPV.
well I think I'm done for awhile . If anything earth shaking happens Ill be back.