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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Momma's Boy vs Daddie's little girl

Well its offical, effective the first of the year the prince has given up his seat to the throne and now the little princessis in line to takecontrol of itall when the king decides to step asside, like that will happen anytime soon. It isn't A work, it isnt some plot to go around Vince , Shane is really walking away from it all.

I hope that this thing doesn't make things worsethen they already are .HHH and HBK already have bad raps in the locker room about holding young talent back and this news isn't going to help matters. They have already derailed CM Punk twice over stupid stuff and they aren'tready to put John Morrison upat the top yet,Dolph Ziggler is a talented guy with a lame ass gimmick and Rey isn'ton good terms withmany in the front office. They havegot to start pushing some younger talent and soon . they cant keep having different versions of Cena vs Orton vs HHH and expect things to hold the fans interest.

Mister and Mrs HHH have a lot of work ahead of them if they are going pump up the product they have. And while Shane may be gone from the day today operation , he is still a major stock holder with a great deal of influence . It is being said that he is going to help Linda with her run for the Senate,but after that what then. Not to mention the fact that I really dont think the McMahon family really wants the scrutiny of a senate campaign, givin how they deal with the press.