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Monday, November 23, 2009

Survivor reries report

For the twenty third time , the WWE lined up its roster and and played a little game known as the Survivor series . they had three of the elimination tag matches if you count the Diva match and by most accounts nothing spectacular happened . The best Survivor series match of the evening was team Orton vs team Kofi . it s been a great revelation that Kofi can actually cut Promo's when he finally droppped that stupid Jamican Accent . Well he is getting this extended push against Raw'stop heel and he is getting over big with the fans . Orton is really showing himself to be willing to help out a younger guy get elevated and it is a side that we havent seen of him before . I have to wonder if this was his idea or is this coming down from above. Lord knows CEO son in Law has not done his best to push really anyone . Maybe this is Orton's way of Curring favor with Vince and under cut HHH. Any way you cut it , it gives a much needed push to a rising star that needs the exposure .
Regarding the the championship matches , I hate triple threat's and i think they do very little to further any program going on . The Under Taker vs Jericho vs. Big Show is an almost perfect example of this . This whole match was more about driving a wedge between Jericho and the Show , and Since the show needs surgery they are going to have to find a new partner for Jericho and start this whole thing over . It begs the question whether they might come up with a way to seperate the belts again and give a little juice to the tag teams division, heaven forbid .
Its also very obvious that they wanted to use the Cena vs hbk vs HHH triple threat match to dream up some drama for DX. They are under the impression that DX has run its course again and they need a reason to split them up . but if they seperated the tag belts they wouldn't need to do that and they could save there two popu;lar guys by having them do more tag matches .