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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Diva's Own Show ,Orton Nxt on Its Lst Legs

Diva's Own Show ,Orton Nxt on Its Lst Legs

Greetings one and all, been a way for a while dealing with everyday life but now I’m back and ready to go. Lots going on in the Universe so it time to dive right in.

Its being reported in several dirt sheets at newly crowned WWE Champ Randy Orton isn’t real keen on his new baby face persona. He that he is a natural Heel and in theory I have to agree with him But since they actually fell ass backwards in to this whole thing and now think that they can re invent the Stone Cold character , his options are limited for the near future. He should have tried not to get booked facing all those heels for so many months. You can’t argue with the results so far as Orton is far over as a face then he every was as a Heel.

From the Police

While on the subject of the Diva’s / Knockouts, a few weeks ago they signed a six foot nine inch Amazon from the Indies and almost immediately put her on the third season of their all diva NXT. Well nonsense ensued and they ended up releasing her over really bad pictures of her, not unlike the majority of the Barbie Dolls that they have working for them right now. I just think that with Beth Phoenix coming back soon and no real credible opponent for her, why not see what this “Woman” can do.

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Imagine if you will, an all Diva’s Hour on Sy Fy Tuesday nights. Have Vicki Guerro be the figure head, and have this giant of a woman stalking her to the point that she has to have a body guard. She tries to recruit Beth but Beth tells no. so she springs Kong on every one as her Assistant in Charge of Security. Kong tries to take out Beth but is cut off by Alosia, stupid by the way. And then it all culminates in a three way program between Beth, Kong, and her for the new Unified Belt. Is this kind of thinking so hard for the creative staff? Not to mention for child friendly rated show, what kind of message are they sending about women little boys, other then real women don’t wrestle for the WWE.

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