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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mania, Upcoming Purges, and Rewrites

Mania, Upcoming Purges, and Rewrites

Post Mania thoughts.

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“ Mania, Upcoming Purges, And Rewrites”

Not really all that surprised when I heard that Vince rewrote the entire show. Leading off with a championship match is “ Vintage” Vince Pushing the Panic button . Having what should have been your feature match ahead of a six man throwaway match is another example . Apparently A script for the show leaked out over the weekend and what we saw Sunday was Vince rewriting everything on the fly. One question have we been giving him to much credit over the years. I know that Smack down is the “B” show but they have been killing in the Ratings and to lead off with that shows belt doesn’t give the show a chance to build momentum. Especially when you cut the US title Match to a dark match that ended up being a Battle Royal .

Then the Mo slides further with this Cody Rhodes , Rey Mysterio feud that reads more like they are phasing Rey out then pushing Cody. Did they not figure out with Kane that if your going to put a guy in a mask and sell that he has been disfigured, don’t make the mask clear. This doesn’t get Cody over as a heel any more then he already is and it makes Rey look inept. If Sinn Cara is Rey’s replacement , then lets get to it okay guys

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